Stuck on a Feeling: Preparing a Home for Sale Using the 5 Senses

In our final post on our 5 Sense series, we are addressing both Taste and Touch. Previously, we covered using the 5 senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and sound as tips to sell your home faster, and to prepare a home for sale that will engage potential buyers.

How to Use Taste and Touch to Prepare a Home for Sale

The two remaining senses to address to prepare a home for sale are taste and touch. These may seem a strange duo to consider when discussing a home, but they are nearly as important as sight, smell and sound.

With taste and touch, the activating of these senses comes not through a literal taste or touch in a home, but through a feeling.

Taste is heavily associated with smell. Consider, have you ever been in a space that had such a stringent odor that you felt like you could taste it? How about those chocolate chip cookie scents that we discussed in our blog on smell? Did your mouth water as though you could tasted the treat? The feeling of taste can be stimulated with the soft and calming scents that are diffused through a home using essential oils.

Touch, on the other hand, associates more with the visual sense than any of the others. In the case of touch, it is the sight of textures in a home that give the impression of touch. Using soft blankets and pillows in décor or lush draperies are just a couple of the ways that touch can be stimulated. Touch offers comfort and warmth to the buyer, again making it possible for them to feel “at home” in a space.

Appealing to all five senses is a scientifically proven way to make buyers move from “thinking” about a home to “acting” on their decision to buy a home. Overall, engaging all the senses is to create a lasting feeling, one the potential buyer uses then to feel at home, and to make a buying decision based on that emotional response.

Whether the ambiance in or around your home is appealing to buyers, or repellant, the professionals at Renew and Redo can support you in creating an environment buyers want to call home. Our years in the real estate industry has taught us the tools to use to help you sell fast and for more money. To learn more about how to make your home more appealing to buyers – visit renewandredo.com.

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