Want a Quick Home Sale? Use This Simple Trick

Welcome again to our series on using the 5 senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and sound, to help you achieve a quick home sale. We have covered Sight and Smell in previous blogs, and now we will take a look at a commonly overlooked strategy- activating a buyer’s sense of Sound.

What Sounds Prompt a Quick Home Sale?

Sound is influential in helping buyers (and all people) feel comfortable in a space. Most often, sound comes from exterior sources like road noise, weather and environmental sounds. On the interior of a home, furnaces, air conditioners, appliances and attic fans are just a few of the offenders to our hearing!

When looking for a quick home sale it is important to create a more calming space, and for that, sound matters! It is a delicate balance, as it can be hard to avoid “drowning out” environmental sounds to the point that the calming sound becomes stressful, which is not a desired result.

When assessing the noise level in your home, it is best to begin by turning off everything and taking a moment to listen. Is there a peaceful silence? Or can you hear outside noise? Once you get to the baseline silence of your home, you can begin to make adjustments.

For exterior noise like traffic and roadways, many homeowners find that installing window coverings or even new windows can help lower the volume. For interior sounds, it can be helpful to take steps such as changing a furnace filter or re-balancing a dryer. All of these will help to lower the decibel level in a home, creating a space where a potential buyer is able to “hear themselves think”.

In many cases, sound can be added in to create a similar neuro-memory connection to that created by the diffusing of essential oils (discussed in our blog on using smell.) These types of sounds can be low in volume and are most often nature based. The music genre typically used to create a calming space is “relaxing” or “spa”. That is why you will discover the use of similar sounds when visiting a spa or yoga studio.

Calming background music allows the mind to relax and explore a space. When using sound to create a quick home sale, the non-intrusive, soft music can make the home seem welcoming and warm. These are feelings that help buyers create a connection to a space and can assist them in making the purchase decision.

By using the sense of sound to engage potential buyers, you will increase your chances for a quick home sale. The professionals at Renew and Redo have a variety of tools to engage the potential buyer’s senses and get you the most for your home sale for as fast as possible. We encourage you to check out even more tips at renewandredo.com, as well as our next blog on Taste and Touch in home sales.

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