Furniture – Winding Down with Less Wine (Part 4 of 4)

For many moms getting through the day means acting as a care-giver for kids, pets and possibly even parents. It includes being a chef, a driver, a cheerleader, a housekeeper, a coach and a dog-walker. After all that, there are still dishes to be done, homework to help with and a house to straighten before bedtime, so how does a mom relax after those hectic days?

Making your home a sanctuary that reduces stress, rather than adds to it, could be a gift of a lifetime. We’ve discussed organization and color, and today, we are going to discuss furniture.


Once the mess has been cleaned and the colors have been chosen – it is time to decide on furniture. For most of us, this means learning to place our furniture in areas that make the flow of movement and energy positive in our homes along with choosing size, fabrics and colors. Let’s tackle both!

First furniture selection. Many of my clients tell me that they have items that have inherited from family members and that they want to continue to own these pieces but that they no longer want them to be the focal point of their décor. This is an important admission for people – and one that can be hard to make if grandma gave you her prized antique china hutch but you live in a modern home and own no china.

Good news! That isn’t a problem once you know how to choose new items that can complement your old pieces while also increasing functionality in your home.

Start by assessing your lifestyle. Do you have young kids and a dog or two? If yes, then a linen sofa in white may not be the best choice for you. Do you like to lounge on the sofa and read that day away on lazy weekend afternoons? If yes, then you may want to consider a plush sofa with pillows that allow you to rest while you relax.

Most often in homes of clients that I am helping to remove the stress, furniture is selected that feels luxurious to the touch but that can stand wear from busy families with kids and pets. This leads to fabrics like microfiber, faux suede, leather and cotton twill. These types of materials feel great to the touch, make you want to sit and relax, come in a multitude of colors and can even be spot cleaned when necessary. Fantastic!

The same rules are true for accessories, rugs, tables and other furniture. Choose pieces that fit your lifestyle, the size of your home, your décor and ones that make you feel good when you touch them.

Once the selections are made and the items are at your home, the question becomes where to place them. Though there are no hard and fast rules that I think apply to every home (some may disagree), generally you want to leave room for people to walk between pieces (for example, an ideal distance for a sofa to be from a coffee table is about 18 inches) so that people can walk by comfortably. Pictures need to hang at eye level above a sofa or chair for maximum enjoyment (8-10 inches).

For maximum energy flow, use the principles of décor that come from sources such as Feng Shui and others. This includes not placing a desk in a home office that faces the person who is working with their back to the door. Don’t block the flow of energy in a room by literally blocking the ability of a person to travel from one apace to another.

Once all of these steps are complete – you will be able to enjoy that glass of wine as you sit and sip in your perfectly (for you) designed home that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable!
To learn more about energy flow in a home and furniture selection, check out Renew and Redo Holistic Décor Facebook page, Pinterest page. and this blog.

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