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Certified Green Designer!

My green certification gives me the background and resources to evaluate green products, green interior design and finishes with every client's home or business' environment with green in mind.


Our Advantages


Why use holistic decor in your home? 
Holistic home decor is different from traditional interior design. In that industry, homeowners often meet with designers who make a plan to entirely re-design a home – using new items and a “high fashion” approach. In many cases this can leave people with a beautiful, but impersonal space and can cost thousands of dollars.

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What is holistic real estate and why should I use it? 
At Renew and Redo Real Estate, we work to limit that stress using our unique combination of skills, knowledge and a holistic approach to the process. We take all five senses of a homeowner (or potential homeowner) into account throughout the entire real estate transaction.

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