Meet Pam Foley, our resident Realtor and Home Decor Expert.

She is our color and decor guru. Seriously, the things she comes up with for rooms continually blow us away. She's unlike any other interior visionary you're going to find - taking your needs and ideas and making them work in a way that will make your life more peaceful and less complicated!

If you have a room that's in need of some major "WOW!," get in touch and we'll get Pam's magic mind on the job. Working together, you and she will create a space for you to love!

In holistic real estate, Pam and her team use a unique approach designed to make homes sell faster and buyers less stressed during the process. This whole-process approach combines Pam's legal skills gained as a former Attorney with the team's work developing remodel and design plans for homes across Colorado.

With this combination, buyers can rest assured that they will find a home that Pam can help make a dream home and Sellers will learn to appeal to all 5-senses of their prospective buyers - making the sale the easiest ever!