Holistic Decor: Appealing to the 5-senses

At Renew and Redo, we have a real estate section and a holistic décor team that works with people who are are trying to sell their home (with an agent or on their own) and home owners seeking to feel more comfortable in their space. Our main focus when working with these types of clients is to teach them how to appeal to all five senses.

The five senses ate taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. In holistic décor, we address all of these to make a home feel balanced and to help a person in the space to gain clarity, focus and peace.

Taste - The feeling of taste can be stimulated with the soft and calming scents that are diffused through a home using essential oils or other soothing scents.

Touch – Touch is activated using texture and fabric in a home. In addition, plants, candles and other décor accents that add to the feeling of warmth in a space can create a calming sense of touch. Touch is also helped when a home is decluttered and open space is discovered.

Smell – The arena of aroma therapy is relatively new in the décor and real estate space but it is very important and can help sell a home quickly. One way to activate scent is to have good quality, clean essential oils being diffused in a home. –This can give it a subtle scent that evokes feelings of calm, balance and peace. Buyer’s and homeowners often don’t even consciously recognize the scent, but their neuro-memory connection is activated and they relax in a home.

Sight – The senses of sight is stimulated using color. In home selling (and for those who are seeking calm at home) a neutral color palette is best. This is because the main goal of color in a for sale home is to make a buyer able to “see” themselves in the space. If there are bright, highly personal colors – this may be distracting. The same is true for homeowners that plan to stay in their space. The choice of color can change a room from stressful to relaxed!

Sound - Sound can be added in to create a similar neuro-memory connection to that of
smell. Positive sounds should be low in volume and are most often nature based. The music genre typically used to create a calming space is “relaxing” or “spa”. Calming background music allows the mind to relax and explore a space. When using sound to create a quick home sale, the non-intrusive, soft music can make the home seem welcoming and warm.