5 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster

It is pretty much always the case that when a homeowner puts their place on the market, they want it to sell fast and for as much as possible. When that doesn’t happen, they can start to wonder why and search for answers.

In my time as a Realtor, I have seen some pretty interesting DIY fixes for this problem. Everything from baking cookies to little notes placed around the home, to sellers offering tours and more!

Oatmeal raisin cookies on cooling rack fresh from oven.

At Renew and Redo, we have a real estate section and a holistic décor team that works with people who are with other agents or are trying to sell their home on their own. Our main focus when working with this type of client is to teach them how to appeal to all five senses of their potential buyer. When you appeal to all the senses, you can sell your home faster- I’ve seen it work every time!

5 Ways To Sell Your Home Faster: The 5 Senses!

All five senses, you say? Yes. Remember these from middle school science – taste, touch, smell, sight and sound? I thought that you would!

As buyers (and even in the homes in which we plan to stay) we unconsciously work to find balance in our senses. That is why some people like to play music, while others paint bright colors around their space. In real estate, the five senses are activated and help to motivate buyers when they can be brought into balance, making a home feel warm, comfortable and welcoming.

How do we do this?

Using the Sense of Sight

In this post, we take a deeper dive into the sense of sight, as it is our most used sense.
Sight is the first sense considered when working to make a home more appealing. It is the obvious one because sight is the first thing that happens when you approach a home.

Check Your Curb Appeal: Think curb appeal. To help balance sight, homeowners can begin by walking out of their front door and out to the street. Stand and take a look at your property. What does the color of your home say to you? Is the yard clean and neat? Is the entry way free of debris, cob webs and dust? Is your home saying, “Welcome” or “Go away”?

Curb appeal is huge in the selling of a home. It sets the very first impression that a buyer gets when they see your place. If the curb appeal is low, buyers will enter the house expecting the worst. If that happens, it can be very hard to change their mind. That is why, at Renew and Redo Holistic Decor, one of the first steps that we take when helping people who are seeking to sell their homes is to help them spruce the curb appeal. Once that is done, we can move into the interior of the space.

Check Your Decor: Inside, sight is stimulated using color and furniture placement. In home selling (and for those who are seeking calm at home) a neutral color palette is best. This is because the main goal of color in a for sale home is to make a buyer able to “see” themselves in the space. If there are bright, highly personal colors – this may be distracting. The idea is that you want the buyer to mentally “move in” to your home from the first steps they take through the door.

As you assess sight in your home, try to look around as if you are a stranger in the space. If you had never been in the room before – what would you feel? What would you think? Is it free of clutter? Is it clean? Do you feel comfortable?

The answers to these questions will help you decide how to make your home appealing to the sense of sight. This can be a hard task for many homeowners. We become attached to our colors, furniture, art and spacing. However, as a potential seller of your home, your main focus is to make a buyer want to make the purchase.

If it is too hard to see your home through a buyer’s eyes – consider hiring a professional that is experienced in holistic home décor and real estate. This combination has the expertise you need to help get your home ready to sell fast and for a profit!

Learn more at renewandredo.com, and check out more tips to sell your home faster on our next blog on the sense of smell.

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