Engaging Your Potential Buyer’s Senses To Sell Your House Fast

Welcome back to our series on using the 5 senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and sound, to help your sell your house fast. We have already covered the biggest sense- sight, so now let’s take a look at how we can engage a potential buyer with his or her sense of smell.

Do you prefer to sell your house fast or have the buyer run away fast?

Smell is the second most (and for some people the most) important sense buyers experience when they come into a home that is for sale. The odor of a home can make or break a deal!  As my Grand-dad used to say, “I wish that I had a dollar for every time….”. In the case of real estate, this line usually ends with, “a client lost a sale because of pet odors”.

Of course, smell is a very necessary sense for all of us, whether we are buying a home or not. It can save lives, as in when people smell gas, smoke or chemical odors. It can save other senses, like taste, when we smell burnt food and decide not to eat it. It can also make things more attractive, as with perfumes, home sprays and essential oils.

Years ago, and frankly for some people still, people thought that the best way to get people to like a home using the sense of smell was through baking things like an apple pie or chocolate chip cookies.  Others boiled oranges and cloves on the stove to make a home smell “homey”.  These traditional tools had their place, but today the scent of cookies will make a buyer immediately begin to wonder what it is that you are trying to hide.

Don’t Hide It, Improve It

Enter essential oils. This arena is relatively new in the real estate space but it helps you sell your house fast- and it works universally all over the world!  Good quality, clean essential oils can be diffused in a home – giving it a subtle scent that evokes feelings of calm, balance and peace. Buyer’s often don’t even consciously recognize the scent, but their neuro-memory connection is activated and they relax in a home.

After learning about the great benefits of aroma therapy, we here at Renew and Redo Holistic Décor spent much time researching different oils and their quality and uses. We are now happy to announce that we have partnered with doTerra oils and are offering them in kits to our clients and Realtors. These kits have diffusers and oils designed to elicit relaxation, comfort and welcoming responses in a person. And with clean, never expiring products to use – homeowners can be comforted to know that they are using a great product!

In addition, essential oils can be used as a cleaning fluid (when diluted), and are environmentally safe. Smells like pet odors can be neutralized using the oils rather than covering them up.
Looking for solutions for improving your chance to sell your house fast? The professionals at Renew and Redo have a variety of tools to engage the potential buyer’s senses and get your the most for your home sale for as fast as possible. Anyone concerned about a scent in their home, whether it is for sale or not, can use essential oils and other tricks of the trade. We invite you to learn more at renewandredo.com and check out our next blog on using the sense of sound to help in a quick home sale.

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