Color Decor – Winding Down with Less Wine (Part 3 of 4)

Whether you are a working or stay-at-home, it seems the to-do list just never ends! We’ve been talking about making our homes a sanctuary to come home to in Parts 1 and 2, and today we are going to look at how color can transform your space. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to come home at the end of a chaotic day and have your stress melt away in the true peace of your home? It’s possible! Read on… 


Once you are able to clear out the “stuff” in your home through organizing, you may find that you already are able to relax more every day. This is because you have opened up space to allow yourself to not only breathe but to imagine new possibilities.


Now comes the fun part! Color!  Everyone has a favorite and there are several that are neutral enough for decorating for peace and calm while still allowing for some fun at home.  The choice is yours – there are a million different color combinations to choose from and every homeowner makes a different choice.

There are several considerations when choosing the base color for your home.  Is it an open floor plan where the rooms run together into one big space? Is it more traditional with separate rooms for dining and living?

Open floor plans can benefit from a consistent color that allows the eye to travel across the space making the rooms feel larger and more airy. This feeling of openness can also help you relax when you come home since you are able to engage with the whole home at once as in many cases the site line through the home extends from the front door out to the backyard.

This type of home may feel more relaxed in a warm neutral color such as Repose Gray or Agreeable Gray. These are “greige” tones – colors that combine the best of gray and tan. Perfect for almost any home! There are many options that span from grays to tans. For even more ideas about warm neutrals, check out my Pinterest pages!

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In more traditionally laid out homes, like colonial style ones, there are often many separate rooms. This can make some of the rooms a little darker, but can also allow for a varied color scheme that reflects the personal style of the homeowner.

Think of homes that you have visited of this traditional style. Have you noticed that the entry is often a different color than the dining and living areas? This is typical for this style and can allow you to tell a color “story” throughout your house.

Consider a lighter color for the entry way to make it feel larger and more inviting.  Then move into a deeper shade of the same color for rooms like a formal living room. The family room can be another shade – though a lighter color often works well in these rooms as they are spaces where people gather and enjoy games, television and entertaining.  Finally, the dining area can be made darker to create drama in a space that is saved for occasions where you want to take time to savor the dining experience with friends and family.

Regardless of the style of your home, you want to choose colors that reflect your personal style. At Renew and Redo Holsitic Décor, our goal is to make your home a place that you can relax and let the worries of the outside world drift away. This is often achieved using softer and more earth toned color schemes. However, there are many people who thrive in a home with primary colors on the walls. It just may take the use of furniture and art to make the home feel more grounded and relaxed.

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Ready for the next topic… furniture? 

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