Organization – Winding Down with Less Wine (Part 2 of 4)

Manmvhd5qvldww-anna-dziubinskay Moms, whether working or stay-at-home involves wearing many hats, and the to-do list never ends. Many of us turn to wine to relax, but what if we could make your home a true sanctuary - without clutter and with organization? A place where you can come in at the end of a crazy day and immediately feel the stress leaving you as you cross the threshold?

Today, we will look at one of home interior design the tips- Organization.

First, let’s begin with clutter.

Coming into a home that is filled from floor to ceiling with “stuff” is enough to make anyone consider taking up drinking!  Today, so many of us have been driven by our “must have more” culture to buy things almost every day.  This leads our to being stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey with all of the latest technological gadgets, endless piles of clothes, books, appliances for every occasion (remember the pasta makers and bread machines?) and all other manner of things. Even writing the list is overwhelming. I start to think – “Where the heck am I going to put all of this stuff?” – Ack!

Organization help is here!

Baby steps to organization!

Let’s start by stopping for a moment and taking a deep breath. After years 

After you have slowed your breathing – let’s look at what stuff is causing you the most stress. Is it the pile of unworn clothes in the closet? Is it the cabinet bulging open that has every appliance that one could ever need? Is it the kitchen island that acts as a drop zone for everyone’s papers, keys, miscellaneous junk?

The stress zone is different for every home and homeowner. But once you choose yours – it can be easy to get started.

Let’s look at the closet first as an example because so many people tell me that they have clothes of three different sizes plus items that they bought more than ten years ago gathering dust in their closets. It’s no wonder that they can’t find anything to wear and default to yoga pants and a t-shirt every day. But to be fair, that is a pretty comfortable choice – but we can make it a good choice!

Organization feels great!

A clean, organized space allows you to breathe

The first step to organization is to take everything out of your closet and begin to sort. For closets (whether clothes or kitchen) I find it easier to sort things as I remove them from their space. This means making three piles. One for the clothes (or other items) that you haven’t worn/used in more than a year, one pile for things that are good to keep (they fit and you use them) and are timeless and one for things that could be good if they were repaired.

This is a BIG first step!

After years of teaching yoga, I can tell you that there are few situations that canot be made more tolerable by first stopping, taking a full deep breath and clearing your mind. This allows your adrenaline to slow and makes even the highest pile of unused stuff appear easier to manage.But, when you see the empty closet (the same steps apply to cleaning out the junk drawers in your home) you will be thrilled! I promise you – looking at that empty space will offer you a moment of relief. Take a second to breathe in the open space.

Then, turn around to see the piles that you have just made!

Don’t despair! Now the fun of freeing yourself from stuff can begin.

Now the fun part of organization

The first to go back into the closet will be the clothes that you wear all of the time. You know the ones, they make you feel happy and confident when you walk out the door. They fit well and you feel relaxed on days when you wear them.

Then, go to the pile of clothes that you haven’t worn in a year or more. Take a good look at them. Likely they either don’t fit anymore or are for a life that you no longer lead.  These can go into bags to be given to your favorite local charity.

This is also a pretty difficult step for people. There are memories associated with many of these clothes. And – I can hear you saying that you paid good money for them and just because you never wear them doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful!  But are you sure about that? Think again of the moment of calm that you felt when the space was empty. Do you really want to fill it again? After a breath and a goodbye – take these clothes to the car so that you can drop them off as soon as possible.

Lastly, organize a space by assessing pieces that can still be used but are in need of repair. This can be the most difficult step whether looking at clothes or other items. The difficulty comes in determining if the cost of repair more than the replacement cost would be for the item. In these cases, think about how you use the piece. Is it for a special occasion? Can it be used for more than one occasion? Is it an heirloom? An answer of yes to any of these may mean that you should repair the item and return it into use. If the answer is no – then the item must go into the bags for giveaway to a local charity or consignment store.

azw8ibilglg-serge-esteveHave a glass of wine and enjoy!

With all of the clothes in your closet now ones that you will wear and that look fabulous on you it is time to take a moment to celebrate! Maybe even have a glass of wine before tackling our next challenge – Color.

Did you take the challenge to organize in order to make your space a sanctuary? Tell me about your experience on Facebook.

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