Colors: Choosing for Increased Peace at Home

There really isn’t a lot of peace in the world these days. At least that is what the media and television will tell you. With wars, chaos, busy lives and the noise and colors of the modern world it can seem pretty stressful to people who are paying attention.

But, the lucky ones are the ones that can come home each day to a stress-free home.

“That could never happen for me!”, I hear you saying.

Not true! The same thing has been said by many of my clients – and even I have felt this on many occasions. Like many people, I have a busy life filled with kid activities, running a business, taking care of my body and mind and more. Everyday is a challenge to get all of my “to-dos” done before I fall into the bed.

It's the colors that make it easier

But, there was a time when I fell into that bed, I did it out of exhaustion and stress. Sometimes, it was all that I could do to get to the bed, get some restless sleep filled with thoughts and worries and then struggle out in the morning to repeat the same routine that was draining me and causing me stress.

Then, I discovered that if I painted my home in peaceful colors, ate well and took steps to reduce stress, I was able to get through my day happily and wake refreshed and ready to go each morning.

"What colors did you choose that made that change,” you ask. Well, it started in the main living areas of my home. When we moved into our suburban space, the home had been painted what I call “suburban beige.” The color was popular in the early-2000’s with builders across the country. It was a uniform “blah” and made my house feel dated and tired.

So, I set about changing that problem! What I first discovered was that there are many, many different options to choose from when one decides to make their home lighter and brighter. I went with a white – and set about looking at ones with different undertones. There are many – ranging from yellow to grey to brown and beyond.

One of the main things to think about when choosing a color is the undertone. With cooler colors like greys and blues, rooms can be soft and quiet, but may err on the side of cold. Think of these colors for places where you wish to spend time like a library or a bedroom. The greens and blues with cool tones can be relaxing and offer peace.

Cool and warm colors

A danger with cool colors can be that they can be seen as to modern or cold. In fact, if you paint a room a color such as “ice blue”, you may find that you need a jacket when studying! Always test the “feeling” of a color before selecting it for your space!

On the other end of colors are those with a warm undertone. These fall into categories that include reds, oranges and yellows. These colors can be great in rooms where you want high energy and want to move things along. For many years, people painted their dining rooms red to stimulate conversation and appetite. The psychology behind this trend still holds, though styles may have changed in recent years.

For my living areas, I chose a soft white with a brown-ish undertone. This gave my home a brighter look while retaining the warmth that I enjoy from these colors.

This start gave me the baseline that I needed to bring relaxation and peace into my home!

Though I painted a warm-toned white throughout my main living areas, I did use some cooler colors in rooms like bedrooms and offices where people would be spending time and thinking creatively. We will continue to discuss this topic in the future as we explore what colors to use in every room of your home to maximize the amount of stress that can be removed from your space!

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