Home Interior Design: Winding Down with Less Wine

For many Moms, working and stay-at-home, getting through the day means acting as a care-giver for kids (and sometimes aging parents), being a chef, a driver, a cheerleader, a housekeeper, a coach and a dog-walker. And that isn’t even the entire list! Home interior design may be the last of their thoughts - but it should be the first!

This long list of to-do’s can make it h
are for a Mom to relax when the day is done. And who can blame her? There are still dishes to be done, homework to help with and a house to straighten before bedtime. It’s no wonder that many women have begun to turn to wine to help them relax and to get through these hectic days.


Why do we drink up?

In fact, wine consumption for women has gone up in the last decade so much that now, American women consume as much wine as their Italian and French counter-parts. The only issue with this is that Americans report drinking wine to relax much more often than those from other countries who say that they consume beverages like wine as a part of their culture and to enhance the flavor of foods.

These facts got me to thinking about how we can use home interior design to make our homes a place where we can relax – even without the help of the fermented grapes that we have come to love. Not thome interior design: winding down with less winehat there is anything wrong with a glass of wine every once in a while. But what if we can make your home a place where you can come in at the end of a crazy day and  immediately feel the stress leaving you as you cross the threshold of the doorway? Then, if you want a Merlot or Chardonnay – go for it (and maybe even call me to join you!)!

Home Interior Design to Make Home a Sanctuary

How do we make our homes this type of sanctuary? Let’s lay out a few easy steps to take to get started – then you can personalize them to make your space what you want it to be.  This will take us on a month-long journey and a few blog installments - all  so that we can give you all of the info that you need to get started on your journey to calm!

Watch for the upcoming series on simple tips to make your home more relaxing!


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