What is Holistic Decor?

Pam says:

At Renew and Redo, I strive to take a holistic approach to interior decor and real estate. This means that I take into account the all of the wants, needs and desires of a client when working with them. Viewing this entire 360 degree circle of desires helps me to create a space that appeals to a client for many years!

When Renew and Redo was created, I knew that people lived stressful lives and that coming home should be a relaxing and welcoming experience. So, the goal became to help people build their own sanctuary so they can relax, find calm, peace and clarity within in their home. People need a place so they escape from the stress the outside world!

When someone has no place to go to relax and be themselves, to gather some type of peace, it affects every part of their life. A person needs a place to get back in sync. Your home should be that place.

Turning my passion for interior design into Renew and Redo happened organically. After years of helping friends, neighbors and family, I decided to take the message of green, low-stress and sustainable design out into the world. 

At Renew and Redo, a palette of neutral, natural, clean, relaxing and uncluttered spaces is the focus. My approach is to partner will clients, from individuals to real estate agents, to create an atmosphere where one is drawn to come in and relax.

In addition to interior design, I use my real estate license to help people discover the ability to create a dream space from a home that may be in need of a little TLC at first glance. In addition, I assist real estate agents with home staging to help potential buyers visualize themselves in a home.